LoGo evolving

Today, the logo certainly does not maketh the brand, so vast and varied are the touchpoints between companies and consumers. Whereas, New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus — ground zero for marketing messages — were once lit by glaring logos, now the same real estate is more likely to showcase digital content. And yet, logos still matter.

Fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberghave recently redesigned their logos. When Raf Simons joined Calvin Klein as chief creative officer last August one of his first moves was to hire graphic designer Peter Saville — best known for his New Order and Joy Division record sleeves — to redesign the logo first reworked, decades ago, by art director Fabien Baron.

“Logos can easily become boring and dated,” says Baron, who has worked for the likes of Prada, Balenciaga, Burberry and Nars, as well as Calvin Klein. “A lot of logos are very dated and need redesigning. They need to move and change, but you have to be careful with the way you do it; don’t change things just for the sake of change, but I believe it’s important to change when you need to change.”

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