FAILED Fashion Brands

if I were to name one industry where brand image makes a huge difference, it would have to be the fashion industry. People associate quality logos with brands, they take pride in having a famous monogram on their apparel, they identify their social circle with the kinds of clothes worn, bags carried, accessories used, etc., all of which carry that unique symbol of a famous brand.

five fashion brands have collapsed in New Zealand, including Kimberleys, Topshop, Topman, David Lawrence, and Marcs. The latest is Kiwi fashion brand Andrea Moore.

Increased online competition from overseas retailers, changes in consumer spending, payment defaults, and extensive roadworks are among the reasons given for the downfall of these brands.

Wilkinson said Andrea Moore is “another sad situation”, which highlighted independent and artisan businesses were “finding it hard to compete against the proliferation of fast fashion brands that are shifting the consumer psyche”.

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