Best Shopping Destinations

 1. Mysore

Rich cuisine, ornamental palaces, beautiful gardens… everything in Mysore has a laid back charm that reflects the city’s royal heritage, and shopping is no exception. From intricate and authentic Mysore paintings, to vibrant silk saris and an unimaginable variety of sandalwood handicrafts, shopping in Mysore is a treat for every art enthusiast. Overwhelmed by the vibrant markets, a variety of products at local shops and dirt cheap prices in Mysore; one has to admit that not everything can be found on the Internet and that’s what makes it worth it.

2. Kathmandu:

While not in Indian borders, Nepal is India’s adjacent soulmate when it comes to shopping. Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu is just as famous for its shopping avenues as it is for its natural beauty, affectionate people, meditation centres and old monasteries. Kathmandu’s Indira Chowk, Thamel and Durbar Square are known for their shoes, shawls, silver jewellery, electronics, sports gear, metal statues, carpets, cocktail dresses and lots more.

3. Varanasi

Besides its bizarre Manikarna Ghat, Varanasi is famous for its Sarees. Known all over the world for their lustre, fine weaving and elaborate embroidery with silver and gold thread, Benarasi saris have singlehandedly made Varanasi (Benaras) one of the busiest shopping destinations of India. Not just saris but silk scarves, men’s kurtas, ties and even unstitched fabric can be bought at Mehrotra Silk and shops around Dasasvamedh Road.

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