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Styles of Draping Saree

A sari, saree, or shari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards (4.5 metres to 8 metres) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.In the modern Indian subcontinent, the sari is widely regarded as a symbol Read more about Styles of Draping Saree[…]

LoGo evolving

Today, the logo certainly does not maketh the brand, so vast and varied are the touchpoints between companies and consumers. Whereas, New York’s Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus — ground zero for marketing messages — were once lit by glaring logos, now the same real estate is more likely to showcase digital content. And Read more about LoGo evolving[…]

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry: textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based in the United States and doing business globally. Founded in 1989 as the United States Association of Importers of Textiles & Apparel with the goal of eliminating the global apparel quota system, USFIA now works Read more about The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)[…]

Sugar-Free Diet

Some of the benefits of reducing your sugar intake in place of eating more whole foods include: Help with losing weight and preventing obesity Lowered risk for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes Gaining more energy Having more stabile moods Reduced risk for inflammatory digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, candida, IBS and intolerance to wheat/gluten Read more about Sugar-Free Diet[…]

Best Shopping Destinations

 1. Mysore Rich cuisine, ornamental palaces, beautiful gardens… everything in Mysore has a laid back charm that reflects the city’s royal heritage, and shopping is no exception. From intricate and authentic Mysore paintings, to vibrant silk saris and an unimaginable variety of sandalwood handicrafts, shopping in Mysore is a treat for every art enthusiast. Overwhelmed by the vibrant Read more about Best Shopping Destinations[…]

Fashionable and Affordable clothing

Forever 21 always has the latest trends and their clothes are incredibly cheap. This is one of my favorite stores to order clothes and accessories from online. Shopping online at Forever 21 is great because you can most likely find everything that you want in your size, whereas the stores may not always carry everything. It Read more about Fashionable and Affordable clothing[…]

Low-Glycemic Diet

Why is a high-sugar diet bad for you? Sugar can change the gut microbiota in a way that increases intestinal permeability, increasing inflammation. It can also contribute to overeating and obesity, causing many negative changes in the body. Eating a low-sugar, low-glycemic index diet can help balance your blood sugar levels throughout the day, prevent insulin resistance (one long-term Read more about Low-Glycemic Diet[…]

E-commerce worldwide

In recent years, mobile shopping has been on the rise, with customers increasingly using their mobile devices for various online shopping activities. According to a March 2016 study regarding mobile shopping penetration worldwide, 46 percent of internet users in the Asia Pacific region and 28 percent of those in North America had purchased products via a Read more about E-commerce worldwide[…]